I’m Mike Burris, and I’m available to turn your manuscript into an ebook and a print book. I’ve done this for my wife and a few clients so far, and my guarantee is that if you don’t like it, you don’t pay. If you exclude my wife, I’ve got a 25% record of having clients so satisfied they willingly pay more.

I created this site to write down all the instructions for authors to turn their stories into books on their own. With the ability to publish your own stories, you don’t have to

  1. Beg for permission to reach an audience
  2. Pay 15% of the lifetime earnings from your story just for permission to approach a publisher (that’s how agents work, don’t-cha-know)
  3. Turn over copyright of your work to an internationally owned conglomerate that doesn’t really care about your success
  4. Pay yet more of your lifetime earnings for a one-time promise (not a guarantee) of marketing for your story
  5. Depend on an antiquated and unaccountable reporting system to deliver your earnings … 1 year or more after sales.

You can do – or hire out – everything that a big publisher does. These are the directions for one part of that job.


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