Stuff I’ve found helpful in putting a book together. I’m not fussy – and I’ll help you do it yourself if you’d like.

Indie Publishing overviews

Software – EBooks

  • Calibre – can turn a document into an ebook
  • Sigil  – fine-grained editing of ebooks

Software – Cover Design

Software – Interior Design

  • InDesign – steep learning curve, industry standard, $20/month (what I use)
  • Scribus – free, can’t do more than 30 pages at a time
  • PagePlusX9 – no longer supported, $25 (bought this, it’s pretty good)
  • Serif Affinity Designer – replaced PagePlus, $45, haven’t tried it
  • QuarkXPress – industry standard, $850
  • PageStream – $100, still available
  • Publisher – highly available, severe limitations

Finishing Writing

About Books and Fonts

Book Design

Formatting with Styles

POD Companies (and trim sizes)

Fonts and Font Pairings

Be sure to only pick fonts that have all the variants (italic, bold, italic bold, etc.) you need. If your text has italics, you need an italic version of your typeface; it’s not something you can fake or do without.

Page Layout

Cover Photography Links


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