What I Need From You

Obviously, I need a story, finished and proofed. But there are a few more decisions that belong in your hands.

You need to decide what trim size you are going to use. That has everything to do with the format of the PDF I return to you.

You need to know which Print-On-Demand service you will use, because that will determine how you get your ISBN … and I need to include that on your copyright page.

And you need to tell me what kind of feeling you want your book to present. Is the story of implacable revenge, like The Count of Monte Cristo? (A darker font is called for here, with little flourishes that imply a hand written account, perhaps Sabon or Galliard.) Or is your narrator relentlessly upbeat, finding amusement in the annoyances of daily living? (A nice Didone font like Walbaum with chapter titles in a display typeface that’s full of personality.) I’ll match the font to the story, so that it doesn’t jar the reader out of their experience.

And then I return a PDF to you, ready to be submitted to to printer. You’ll have a definite page count, so your cover can be finalized. Your ebook will be included, ready to have a cover inserted in the file.

And then when you are satisfied – only then – will you deposit $100 into my PayPal account.

Sound good?